Calculating Prices

Question 1: How do I calculate the price per book?

(i) First you calculate how many sets you need.

Between 1-350 pages = 1 set

Between 351-700 pages = 2 sets

Between 701-1,050 sets = 3 sets

Between 1,051-1,400 = 4 sets

(ii) Then multiply this by the package you want.

For example, a Black and White book with 650 pages is two sets. If you wanted the Bronze Package this is £6.99 per set. Therefore, the total cost for this book is £13.98. 

Question 2: How do I calculate the cost of multiple books?

(i) Each book must be considered separately. It is not the combined number of pages of all your books. 

Book 1 is 150 pages = 1 sets. 

Desired Package: Bronze (Black and White) = 1 set x £6.99 = £6.99

Book 2 is 437 pages = 2 sets

Desired Package: Silver (Colour) = 2 sets x £10.99= £21.98

Total = £28.97

Question 3: How do I calculate the cost of my documents?

(i) 1 set allows up to 25 sides. 2 sets 50, 3 sets 75 etc. 

(ii) Then, as with the price of books, multiply these by the package you want. Or just visit the shop and put the number of sets of your desired package into your shopping trolley. 

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