Black & White, Grayscale or Colour

“Thirdly, determine the colour of the books or documents you would like to be scanned.”

Once you have picked your package, the next step is to identify the colour of your books and/or documents.

1. Black and White books and documents only contain black ink set against a white background. Novels, for example, largely fall into this category. They mainly contain continuous prose with no pictures, photography, graphs or tables.

2. Grayscale is a range of shades of gray without apparent colour. Whilst Black and White contains only two levels, black and white; grayscale includes all of the different shades between black and white. Grayscale images scanned with black and white settings will appear blotchy so it’s important to choose correctly.

3. Colour books and documents will have colourful text and/or pictures and photographys inside. Cook books and travel books are two examples of these.

Black and White books have black text and images set against a white background.

Grayscale books contain shades of gray, usually pictures or photographs, but may also be text boxes and graphs as well.

Colour books usually contain either colourful photographs or pictures such as this one, or the writing itself may be in colour.

In reality, many books are a combination of black and white, grayscale and colour. If so think of it like a hierarchy. If your books have black and white and grayscale, select grayscale. If black and white, grayscale and colour, select colour.