Book to PDF Scanning Prices

The price is for a book of up to 350 pages. If your book is over that add two sets to the Shopping Cart. If over 700 add three…etc.
For multiple books treat each book separately. If Book 1 is 250 pages and Book 2 is 450 pages add 3 sets to the Shopping Cart.


Simply send us your books, we’ll work out the total and send you an invoice.
Buy 9 Sets and Get the 10th Set Free*

Book DescriptionRegular ResolutionHigher Resolution
B&W Greyscale Books£12.99£24.99
Colour Books£15.99£27.99
Yellowing/Torn Books£18.99£30.99 **Not recommended
Glossy B&W Greyscale Books (Text and Diagrams)£17.99£29.99
Glossy Colour Books (Text and Diagrams)£20.99£32.99
Glossy Yellowing/Torn Books (Text and Diagrams)£23.99£35.99 **Not recommended
Glossy B&W Greyscale Books (Photos and Vivid Images)£22.99£34.99
Glossy Colour Books (Photos and Vivid Images)£25.99£37.99
Glossy Yellowing/Torn Books (Photos and Vivid Images)£28.99£40.99 **Not recommended
* This promotion applies to all types of scanning except glossy scanning.

** If your books have page yellowing, a higher resolution will only amplify the page yellowing. As such we do not recommend this scanning option.

Digital Files and Extras Prices


Word Conversion

Convert your existing PDF files into Editable Word Documents. Transform your PDFs into fully editable documents. 


JPEG Conversion

Converting your PDF files into JPEGS. Each page of your PDF will be converted to an individual JPEG.


Make your PDF Searchable

Convert your existing image only PDF files into Searchable PDFs. Find key words, phrases or dates in an instant.


Audio Conversion

Convert your word files into audio files.


Add Hyperlinks

Price is per hyperlink.

Click on a hyperlinked word, phrase or sentence and jump there instantly.


Add Bookmarks

Price is per bookmark.

Have all the contents pages, or pages of interest, bookmarked so you can jump there instantly.

£3 to £7

Rush Delivery

Price is per set.

£3 for a 3-5 turnaround.
£5 for a 1-3 turnaround.
£7 for a 24 hour turnaround

£5 to £12

Cloud Storage

Price is for all digital files scanned by us.

£5 for one year.
£9 for two years.
£12 for three years.

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