Digital Scanning Packages

“Thirdly, select the file types you would like your books and documents converted to. For files that are already digital, head straight to our digital store.”

At Digitisemybooks we can scan your books and documents into three different types of files.

  1. A searchable and editable PDF document (Bronze Package).
  2. A Word file (Silver Package).
  3. An audio file of your documents (Gold Package).

For more detailed information please read on or simply visit our Store.

For already digital files, we offer the following conversions and improvements.

  1. Convert your existing PDF files to JPEG images.
  2. Make your existing PDF documents searchable.
  3. Convert your existing PDF files into Word documents.
  4. Convert your Word or text based document into Audio files. Visit our Already Digital Store

Bronze Package – PDF with Searchable and Editable Text

With the bronze package we scan your books and documents to searchable PDFs. All of the fonts, formatting and colours of the original documents are preserved. The PDF will be exactly like the original, only in a digital format that you can read, print or email. With this option you will be able to search for key words and numbers; for example, people, technical terms or dates and find them in seconds. Simply press Ctrl F, type in the words and/or numbers you want to find, press enter and jump straight there. With Professional PDF Software, you will also be able to edit within the PDF document.

Your books and  documents are scanned at 600 dpi for black and white and 300 dpi for colour and greyscale.

Silver Package: Searchable PDF and a Word file

With the Silver Package you will also receive the searchable PDF provided in the Bronze Package. This PDF is fully editable but you need Professional software to be able to do so. As most people don’t have such software we will also provide an additional editable word document with the formatting of the original kept largely intact. Please note that your books and documents should be largely text based and the writing should be continuous like in a novel. Word is not designed to be image intensive. A comic book, for example. would not convert well. The PDF is the copy of your book. This is a conversion from the PDF. As such please expect some editing with this package. The further away from a novel your book is, the more editing there will be. 

Gold Package: Audio File of your Books and Documents

If you choose this Gold Package you will receive everything provided in the previous package, as well as an audio file that reads your books and documents back to you. This audio file can be played on any PC, audio player, Smart Phone or tablet. Our audio files can be created in English and a range of other languages (visit our OCR to Voice – Supported Languages page for more information).

As with the Word Document your files should be largely text based with continuous prose. Documents with a large number of diagrams and images may result in the audio file being interrupted as captions and statistics are read out.

Before conversion a transcript of your file will be sent to you enabling you to edit the document and take out parts you don’t need orated.

If you would like to understand more about the technical aspects behind each package and how the process works visit our Scanning to PDF, Word, and Audio information page

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