Digitisemybooks’ Non-Destructive Book Scanning Prices

For non-destructive scans please contact support@digitisemybooks.co.uk with your requirements.

There are too many variables to list a uniform price.

If your book meets the following conditions we can scan it for £25 per book (up to 350 sides) plus 10p a page. 

  • It’s on non-glossy paper.
  • Text is black on a plain white background with no page yellowing.
  • There is at least 1cm margin space on both sides.
  • Maximum thickness is 3cm. 
  • It’s not larger than A3 (when opened). 
  • There is strong binding.

If one or more of these conditions cannot be meet and you would still like to consider non-destructive scanning then please contact customer support – support@digitisemybooks.co.uk 




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