Bronze Package for Documents


For loose documents. Please remove any staples or paperclips or other binding. 

The Bronze Package provides you with a fully searchable PDF file. The price is per set. One set = 25 sides. If your documents are over 25 sides add two sets to the shopping bag. If over 50 add three…etc. Within the same order, the documents must be of the same type and size. For example, if you have 10 pages of A4 and 10 pages of A5, two sets are needed.

In the dropdown menu below please select ‘Black and White’ if your documents contain no grayscale or colour images and text. ‘Grayscale’ if there are any grayscale images, writing or text boxes. ‘Colour’ if there are any colour images or texts. For more information, please see our Guide.

Black and White documents are scanned at 600 DPI (1200 DPI for higher), Grayscale and Colour are scanned at 300 DPI (600 DPI for higher).

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