Gold Package for Glossy Books (Text, Photos and Vivid Images)


For glossy page books with text, photos and/or vivid images. Cook books, magazines and travel books often fall in this category.

Buy 9 Sets and Get the 10th Set Free

1 Set = A book of up to  350 pages.
2 Sets = Between 351 and 700 pages
3 Sets = Between 701 and 1,050 pages.
And so on…

The Gold Package provides a PDF, Word file and an audio file.


Glossy paper is often found in magazines, cookbooks, text books, calendars and encyclopaedias. It is often shiny, smooth and reflective. If you run your finger down it you will likely hear a 'squeaky' sound.

Glossy pages attract dust and reflect light, both of which can cause streaks down the page. Our Standard Glossy Service includes a thorough clean of the scanners prior to scanning and the books are scanned in near dark conditions. To eliminate all chances of blemishes appearing on the page, consider the Flatbed Scanning Service where all pages are scanned on a flatbed scanner.

      • Regular resolution = 600 DPI for black and white books and 300 DPI for greyscale, colour and books with yellowing pages.
      • Higher resolution = 1200 DPI for black and white books and 600 DPI for greyscale and colour.

Please select the correct colour/condition from the drop-down menu. If the front and back covers are in colour and the text is in black and white or greyscale, then this counts as a black and white/greyscale book.

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