Non-Destructive Scanning – Regular Resolution


With our non-destructive scanning package:

  • Have your books scanned and returned intact (return delivery price not included).
  • It’s the same price regardless of the colour of the text, images and pages.
  • Receive a fully searchable PDF file of your book.
  • Receive a fully editable Word document.
  • Scanned at 600 DPI for black and white, and 300 DPI for grayscale and colour.


  • Must have strong binding. Books with only a thin layer of glue may not be suitable.
  • Maximum 10 books in any one order.
  • Maximum book thickness of 1.5 inches.
  • 0.5 inches margin space.
  • Up to A3 size.

For more information on these restrictions visit our Destructive or Non-Destructive Scanning page.


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