Silver Package for Books


The Silver Package provides you with a fully searchable PDF of your book and a fully editable Word document. This package is not suitable for non-destructive scanning as the spine is removed prior to scanning. Nor is it suitable for books with glossy or thin, biblical pages.

Buy 9 Sets and Get the 10th Set Free

1 Set = A book of up to  350 pages.
2 Sets = Between 351 and 700 pages
3 Sets = Between 701 and 1,050 pages.
And so on…

For multiple books treat each book separately. If Book 1 is 250 pages and Book 2 is 450 pages add 3 sets to the Shopping Cart.

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This package is for the vast majority of books. It's for books that are not on glossy or the thin type of paper you see in many religious books. The vast majority of paper back and hard back novels fall into this category.

  • Regular resolution = 600 DPI for black and white books and 300 DPI for greyscale, colour and books with yellowing pages.
  • Higher resolution = 1200 DPI for black and white books and 600 DPI for greyscale and colour.

Please select the correct colour/condition from the drop-down menu. If the front and back covers are in colour and the text is in black and white or greyscale, then this counts as a black and white/greyscale book.

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