Regular or High Resolution Scanning

“The final decision to make is between regular and high resolution scanning.”

Regular and Higher Resolution Scanning

  • Our regular resolution option scans at 600 dpi for black and white and 300 dpi for grayscale and colour.
  • Our higher resolution option scans at 1200 dpi for black and white and 600 dpi for grayscale and colour.
  • When deciding between regular and high resolution scanning you should consider two factors:
  • The Content: Is it just plain text in your book or are there a large number of images?
  • How your files will be viewed: Will you be viewing your files on a phone, tablet or a  large screen? Do you have plan to print them out?

1. The Content: If it’s just plain text then our regular resolution package is more than enough. It’s for books and documents with a high graphic content where the higher resolution package will prove beneficial, especially when combined with the second consideration.

2. How your files will be viewed: If you’ll be viewing your files on a tablet, smart phone or most monitor screens then the regular resolution package will be more then enough, even for books with a high graphic content. If you plan to display your files on a very large monitor or TV screen or print them out, then you will benefit from a higher resolution package.