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Image only PDF Files

Scanned documents are stored as an image, not as a text document. They are simply like a photograph of the originals. As such you cannot search for key words and you cannot edit the text.

Searchable PDF Files

The PDF you receive if you choose this package will also contain the image layer. Your PDF file will look exactly like the original. However, as well as being like a photograph, behind that photograph will be a hidden text layer. This hidden layer is what enables you to search for any word, date or person in your documents.

Searchable and Editable PDF and Word Document

The PDF you receive if you choose this package will be fully searchable and editable. This is done by using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology. Our software will analyse your documents and extract the text from it leaving you with a fully editable document.

We also provide you with a Word document if you choose this package. This is for two reasons. Firstly, only professional PDF readers have this editing function and secondly, editing within PDF files is restricted. For example, if you are editing text within a small box, the text you replace it with will have to be roughly the same length, or the text will go over the edge. PDF documents were designed primarily for viewing files, and whilst the editing option is incredibly useful, it cannot rival the options you have with a Word document.

Audio File

With this option you will also receive the searchable and editable PDF and Word documents. In addition you will receive an MP3 audio file of your book/document.

This option has proven very popular with parents and teachers (linguists and SEN teachers especially). Our software scans your document and reads the text aloud in clear, authentic voices. As well as English we can cater for a number of different languages. Visit our OCR to Voice – Supported Languages page for details.

Remember this is not a translation service. The French voice will apply to French documents, the Spanish voice for Spanish documents etc.

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