Standard, Biblical or Glossy Paper

“Secondly, for destructive scanning, is your book on standard, biblical or glossy paper?”

For destructive scanning, separate your books into Standard, Biblical and Glossy pages piles. 

  1. Standard Paper: This is the paper type of most novels, biographies, and academic and historical books. If the paper type isn’t one of the following two, then it’s on Standard Paper.
  2. Biblical Paper: This is the type of paper used in most Bibles and other religious texts. The paper is very thin and often there’s a lot of see-through from the other side. This type of paper is often used because there are often several hundred if not thousands of pages.
  3. Glossy Paper: Glossy paper is often found in magazines, cookbooks, text books, calenders and encyclopedias. It is often shiny, smooth and reflective. If you run your finger down the page it may squeak. Glossy paper is most often used to make printed images and photos look sharp and vibrant.

Why are the prices different for the different page types?

Standard Paper is the cheapest paper type to scan simply because it’s the quickest to do. Fewer errors can occur when scanning books with Standard Paper and the pricing reflects this.
Biblical Paper is slightly more expensive than Standard paper because it takes longer to scan. The thin nature of the pages mean that far greater care has to be taken prior to and during the scanning process.

Glossy paper attracts dust and reflects light, both of which can cause streaks down the page. Furthermore if the book has been read the paper can be marred by fingerprints and smudges which can also causes scanning blemishes. For these reasons books with Glossy pages take the longest to scan. We offer three different types of Scanning Services for books with Glossy pages.

(1) Text, Diagrams and Tables Glossy Scan: This service is for glossy books that do not contain any photos or vivid images. For example, text books largely fall into this category.

(2) Text, Photos and Vivid Images Glossy Scan: This service is for glossy books that contain text as well as photos and/or vivid images. Photos and vivid images are the most likely to attract dust. For example, cook books, travel books, some encyclopaedias, magazines and reference books often fall into this category.

(3) Professional Flatbed Glossy Scan: Unfortunately there will likely be dust on the book itself and this can carry into the scanners causing blemishes on the page. With this service each page is scanned on a flatbed ensuring no streaks or light distortions on the page. This service is highly recommended for books with lots of colour and images/photographs where you want the resulting digital files to be blemish free. 

Please select the right page type for your books: Please do take a moment to separate your books into the correct page types. Due to the time involved in scanning books with biblical or glossy pages we are unable to scan these at Standard page prices. If you’re not sure, why not bypass our Store checkout and let us divide your books? Simply send us all your books and we will send an invoice on arrival.

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