Very happy with Digitise My Books. All scans are done to a professional standard and are indistinguishable in quality from purpose-made ebooks. Finally the price is reasonable and affordable.

Clement Lim

Philip and his team did a superb job first digitising, and then running character-recognition software, against an old typed manuscript written by my grandfather in the 70s. I am extremely happy with the results, the level of service and the price and can recommend unequivocally – Philip and team really went the extra mile!

Ben Z


Speedy and efficient service. Allows me to have PDFs of older books and reduces my need to keep huge numbers of backlist titles. Excellent solution.

Christine Green


I just wanted to express my thanks for the scanned copy of the book. The accuracy was incredible (I chose the Silver Service for a grayscale glossy book) and better than I hoped. I was arranging the scan on behalf of the author who is a lady in mature years. She was delighted with the results and this allows her to publish an amended second edition as the original electronic version being kept on her behalf has been lost.

It is a wonderful service that you offer. I have no hesitation in recommending you.

Once again thanks,

Phil G

Thanks very much for your prompt service! The scans are just perfect. You could easily double your prices, and still be totally competitive. I’d have paid twice as much without even thinking about it, and I suspect the same would be true of your other customers. Pricing is only one aspect; the other is customer service. The turnaround time was unexpectedly fast, and the OCR accuracy is excellent, combined with an attractive website and clear pricing options.
I’ll gladly recommend your services if the occasion arises, and I’ll certainly come back to you if I need any more books scanned!


Thank you for all that scanning – it’s beyond my wildest dreams to get that sort of quality of scanning for so many documents, particularly the annoying – non-A4 stuff which is such a pain. I really, really do appreciate your service that you offer and truly for me as a dad with six children it’s helping to make my life a whole lot more enjoyable, believe you me, because I can keep the house tidy and ordered and free from papers and junk which just get so cluttered so quickly as I am sure you are aware! Thanks a bunch

Phil Anderson


Exceptional value for money ! My two out of print novels were scanned and delivered in both pdf and editable Word within two days! Very good service and communication. Highly recommended.

Caroline C


The impossible made possible? I didn’t think it would be possible to convert my books into electronic form – ready to be edited – unless they were laboriously keyed in, because much of the text is laden with company or individual names, or obscure technological terms.  The accuracy of the Digitise My Books conversion was astonishing, as was the low price. I had no idea OCR technology was so advanced – at least with the equipment used in converting my books. Thank you.

Tony Collins

Author and Technology blogger

I needed to edit books for which the author lost her original manuscripts. I sent the books on Friday and received them in a digital an deditable format by Tuesday. The formatting wasn’t even lost – the digital format looks just like the book. I also like that my questions were answered promptly via email and I was kept informed of the progress of my order. I highly recommened Digitisemybooks. Lovely service all round. Five stars.

Mia Z

Writer and Editor, Edinburgh

I will definitely be using Digitisemybooks again and would recommend it to other students. On the day Digitisemybooks received my book in the post they produced the digital copy and sent it back to me that very day. As a journalism student I need to complete research and produce assignments in short spaces of time and the speed of service  provided by digitisemybooks really helped with this. Thank you.

Tania S

Studied Journalism and the News Industry at University of Kent, Medway

I appreciate you doing the books so quickly as there were a lot of them!  I was surprised at the excellent quality and I’m very pleased with the results. Will certainly recommend your services to all my friends.
Many Thanks

I discovered Digitise My Books through a Google search when I was looking for a way to convert a hefty textbook into a PDF. The process was very simple. I ordered the book from Amazon and sent it to them directly, and when I emailed them to say I needed the book urgently they got the order finished in half the time they had originally quoted me. The people I spoke to via email were helpful and friendly and the service was efficient and provided exactly what I was looking for. I’d definitely recommend this company.

Hannah B

Other ‘digital-book’ companies were only interested in digitising whole libraries, not just the four books I needed. Well done in providing this service for everyone, no matter how many books they want converted. I will pass the word to my colleagues about the splendid service you provide.

David P

Thank you very much. 
I value your service greatly. You make my life as a Personal Assistant so much easier 🙂
Best wishes
Radha M

Personal Assistant

All my initial queries were answered fully and promptly. The finished product, grayscale at high definition was superb. I wanted the pages from the de-bound book returned and they arrived in excellent condition.

All in all digitisemybooks did exactly what they promised and that’s precisely what I’m looking for.

Would recommend very highly.

David Mitchell

Independent Author

I can highly recommend the online scanning service provided by Digitisemybooks. The books for my course are rare and unavailable in digital forms. Digitisemybooks provides a great solution to this problem. Whilst revising for exams or writing papers I found it extremely useful to have a digitial copy of the books I was using. I could just use Control F to immediately find the date or theory I was looking for – the software does the searching for you saving both time and energy! I would highly commend Digitisemybooks. 5 stars! 
Simon J

International Development Studies at UCL

I was utterly astonished today to receive the Word and PDF scans of my out-of-print novel, with only a three day turnaround! The quality and accuracy is of the highest order. I still cannot comprehend how you can provide such a service at such a low price compared to other companies out there! Many, many thanks.

Tom Allan


Digitisemybooks is an excellent service! The ability to search PDF files is great – the text recognition is 100% accurate! I wouldn’t go back to having to carry heavy books and manually search for sections when I can have them all in PDF. Whatever lecture I got to now, all I need is my USB stick.

Ella M

Philosophy Student at the University of Sheffield

An excellent, efficient service and incredibly good value. The books I had digitised were highly embellished art books but the results are still searchable which is fantastic.

Thanks to Philip and the team

Amie C

Editor and copywriter

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Excellent value! I wanted to give a new lease of life to my book about Crete but the thought of typing it all out again deterred me. Then I discovered DigitiseMyBooks. Now I can easily edit the text and prepare it for resurrection as an e-book.

Anthony Cox

Author of Still Life in Crete

A fantastic service, supportive and helpful and very fast. Very reasonable price!

Easy to download the Zip file .

Johan Findlay

I am training to be a teacher and am learning the advantage of using technology to keep resources organised. Digitisemybooks means that I can have all my resources in one places and in one format. I had many questions before I started using this service and the customer service team were extremely helpful. The founder of the site was a teacher himself and I found that reassuring. I am sure I will be using digitisemybooks for years to come. Thank you.

Tasha F

Trainee Teacher in Religious Studies

I sent them two massive, heavy, full colour reference books to scan since I am off travelling. I now have two searchable PDFs which have been compressed to a manageable size without losing quality. Extremely pleased – great for the money. I will certainly be using them in future when I need digital copies of textbooks.



I have taught Spanish for three years and students regularly struggle with their pronunciation. Converting my resources to authentic sounding MP3 files has helped them immensely and ticks all the right boxes during lesson observations and for Oftsed.


Spanish Teacher

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