Why go Digital?

Saving Space

Transform all of your documents, files, business cards and photos into electronic formats and rid yourself of clutter and free up valuable book shelf and desk space.

Filing and Organisation 

Having electronic versions of books and documents makes filing and organisation easy. No more searching for bits of paper or vertical filing once everything is digital.


Your entire library can be accessible at the click of a button. No need to carry heavy books anywhere. Simply keep all your files on your computer, hard drives or a cloud sharing service.


Find key words, dates or phrases instantly and jump straight there. Can you remember a phrase or date but not where you read it? Press ctrl F and type in that phrase or date and find it immediately.


We can convert your text based documents into fully functional and editable word document.


Text based documents can also be converted to an audio file. Have your books and documents read to you whilst you travel, work or play.

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