Why go digital?

Books are Heavy

Books are heavy. Tablets and phones are not. Give your back a break and digitise your books with digitisemybooks.


Having your book library in digital forms, means you can take them anywhere you go. Study, read or work anywhere.

Filing and Organisation

Having electronic versions of books makes filing and organisation easy. No more searching for bits of paper or vertical filing once everything is digital.

Saves Space

Books take up a lot of space. Digitising some or all of your books will free up valuable shelf space.

Searchable Text

Find key words, dates or phrases instantly and jump straight there. Can you remember a phrase or date but not where you read it? Press ctrl F and type in that phrase or date and find it immediately.

Editable Text

We can convert your text based books into fully functional and editable word documents. Long gone are the days of scissors and tipp-ex.

Audio Books

We’ve all wanted a talking book at some points during our lives, and now you can. Turn your text based books into audio files. Have your books read to you whilst you travel, work or play.


Sadly books can easily be damaged. With a bit of care, digital books can last forever. Keep them in the cloud and they will.

Save Money

Digitising your books can be cost-effective. Think of the savings made when moving house, or reducing the weight of your luggage when travelling.

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